Stump Grinding Can Eliminate The Unsightly Scene When A Tree Is Removed

If you’ve had a tree fall or need to be removed, you already know how unsightly a remaining stump can be. There are a variety of options to remove a stump, but some could take weeks. Believing the tree is going to decay naturally could take a lifetime to complete. A stump remaining in a yard is large hindrance to someone mowing the grass. The fastest way to remove a stump is through stump grinding. This process performs exactly what it says. A machine will be used to reduce a stump to sawdust. In addition, the stump will usually be ground below the surface level. The reason for this is so dirt can be added to the top and to cover the remaining pieces of wood.

Who Performs Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is performed by a tree service. Removing a tree has a different cost than removing the stump. If someone already has a stump in their yard, they can have just the stump removed. If the tree and the stump need removed, a tree removal company can perform both. This can leave a yard looking tidy and clean in a short amount of time.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of the grinding will depend on the size of the stump. If someone’s considering saving money by renting a grinder, they probably won’t save much money. In addition, there’s a very good chance someone could end up injured in the process of grinding the stump. Many tree grinding companies charge a minimum of $100. Grinding these stumps usually result is $3 per diameter. If someone’s attempting to calculate the cost before calling a tree grinding service, they should average the diameter of the stumps that need to be removed and multiply the number of stumps and the amount charged.

By The Hour or By the Stump?

If someone has a large area of land that needs to be cleared, a removal company will usually calculate the cost by the hour. Large areas of land will require the use of a heavy-duty grinder to work at a faster past. The fee for this type of service is approximately $150 an hour. Homeowners generally only need a few stumps to be removed. In some cases, the price of the grinding will be reduced for each additional stump that needs to be removed after the first stump.

Renting a grinder on your own may appear to be a good idea to begin with but the reality is, it could wind up costing you the exact same amount of money as hiring and experienced grinding service to perform the work for you. It’s always a good idea to discuss if the company performing the work will clean up the wood chips from the grinding and haul them away. This is very important for a homeowner that has no place to compost wood chip debris. Unless someone routinely performs this type of work around their home, let an experienced company take care of removing the stump, the debris, maintaining the equipment while you focus on more important issues.